On behalf of 100 years of Great War

Based on the true story, this song was written in Corfu, Greece. It has been written by unknown Serbian soldier who was departing from Corfu to Macedonian front, to take part in one of the decisive battles in WWI. The song was dedicated to a Greek girl from Corfu named Harula Hondrojani. She made the song out of his love letter. The song was a bit altered and published by Eftihia Papayanopoulou, while the music was written by Greek composer Dimitri Kouyoumtzi and famous Greek singer Yorgos Dalaras made one of the best performances of the song. Harula Hondrojani was a sister of Yanni Yannouli who gave his sole field that he had in personal possession, for Serbian soldiers to be buried in. This field was never again cultivated and afterwards the monument was erected, dedicated to fallen soldiers of Drina Division of Serbian Army, by survived veterans. This field is close to the village of Saint Matthew. This song became a symbol of eternal friendship and brotherhood between Greek and Serbian people. Also it is used as an official anthem of Greek-Serbian friendship society. Original comment written in Serbian by mr Cele Savic.